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A2631 High Speed Optocoupler

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High Speed Optocouplers DIP-8.

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The A2631, VO2601, and VO2611 are single channel 10 MBd optocouplers utilizing a high efficient input LED coupled with an integrated optical photodiode IC detector. The detector has an open drain NMOS-transistor output, providing less leakage compared to an open collector Schottky clamped transistor output. The VO2630, 6N137, and VO4661 are dual channel 10 MBd optocouplers. For the single channel type, an enable function on pin 7 allows the detector to be strobed. The internal shield provides a guaranteed common mode transient immunity of 5 kV/μs for the VO2601 and VO2631 and 15 kV/μs for the VO2611 and VO4661. The use of a 0.1 μF bypass capacitor connected between pin 5 and 8 is recommended.



  1. • Choice of CMR performance of 15 kV/μs, 5 kV/μs, and 1000 V/μs
  2. • High speed: 10 MBd typical
  3. • +5 V CMOS compatibility
  4. • Pure tin leads
  5. • Guaranteed AC and DC performance over temperature
  6. • Meets IEC 60068-2-42 (SO2) and IEC 60068-2-43 (H2S) requirements
  7. • Low input current capability of 5 mA
  8. • Material categorization: for definitions of compliance




  1. • Microprocessor system interface
  2. • PLC, ATE input / output isolation
  3. • Computer peripheral interface
  4. • Digital fieldbus isolation: CC-link, Device Net, profibus, SDS
  5. • High speed A/D and D/A conversion
  6. • AC plasma display panel level shifting
  7. • Multiplexed data transmission
  8. • Digital control power supply
  9. • Ground loop elimination, noise isolation


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  • 1pc * A2631 High Speed Optocoupler


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