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JH-WA01 1-30L/Min Water Flow Sensor

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Water Flow Sensor Hall Type Flowmeter 1-30L/min 2.0MPa.

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Water flow sensor can be used to measure the flow of liquids, i.e. the consumption of liquids in industrial or domestic usage. For example you can make a robotic cocktail dispensing machine, and can use this sensors to accurately measure components like Soda, Water, etc. Water flow sensor consists of a plastic valve body, a water rotor, and a hall-effect sensor. When water flows through the rotor, rotor rolls. Its speed changes with different rate of flow. The hall-effect sensor outputs the corresponding pulse Signal.

I believe using this should be simple, you just need to connect to Arduino interrupt pin 2, and can measure the number of PWM pulse/interrupt per unit of time. The water flow would be directly proportional to the number of measured pulses.

Datasheet: PDF

Connection details:


  • Red wire is +5V
  • Black wire is GND
  • White wire is PWM signal output




  1. Cummulative flow conversion 1L(H2O)=516 pulse, accuracy 10%
  2. Flow characteristic F=10Q, F:HZ, Q:L/min, positive or negative 10%
  3. water quality requirement drinking water health standards, 0~60 degree celsius
  4. size 1/2Inch Plastic
  5. flow range 1~30L/MIN
  6. Hydraulic pressure less than or equal to 1.75 MPa
  7. voltage DC4.5~18V, less than or equal to 15mA, customised 24V
  8. Insulation resistance more than 100M ohms
  9. Electrical strength AC500V, 50HZ
  10. Output level Rated voltage DC5V, high level more than 4.5, low level less than 0.5V
  11. Pulse duty cycle 50%


Note:  The color of the sensor is mostly white.

Packing List:
  • 1pc * JH-WA01 1-30L/Min Water Flow Sensor


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