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DC12V 25A 3S BMS Module With Protection

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DC12V 25A 3S BMS Module With Protection

The 3S 25A BMS is a DC12V 25A 3S Battery charging Module With Protection For li-ion and Li-po Battery.
  1. Power supply voltage: 12.6V / 13.6V
  2. Working discharge current: 40A
  3. Working charge current: 20A
  4. Maximum voltage when charging on one battery: 4.095 – 4.195 ± 0.05 V
  5. Minimum discharge voltage per battery: 2.55 ± 08V
  6. Delay Time: 0.1 s
  7. Temperature Range: -30-80
  8. Short circuit detection delay Time: 100 ms
  9. Size: 42x60mm x 3.4mm
  10. Weight: 8,7 grams.
  1. Overcharge protection
  2. Overload protection
  3. Cut off load self recovery
  4. Short circuit protection
  5. Battery balancing
  1. The battery connection to the controller is made strictly in series, at first 0 V then 4,2 V, 8,4 V, 12,6 V, in case of violation of this requirement BMS will not work!
  2. Avoid short circuit when mounting batteries!
  3. Use the same type of batteries!
  4. Before installing the batteries, balance them! (balancing can be done by closing all the minuses of the batteries to each other, and plus among each other)
  5. After assembly, connect the appropriate charger to BMS, to activate it!
  6. Use a quality mounting wire under the appropriate current!
Packing List:
1Pc * DC12V 25A 3S BMS Module With Protection


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