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BME680 Temperature And Humidity Pressure Sensor

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Temperature And Humidity Pressure Sensor Ultra-small Development Board.

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The BME680 is a digital 4-in-1 sensor with gas, humidity, pressure and temperature measurement based on proven sensing principles. Its small dimensions and its low power consumption enable the integration in battery-powered or frequency-coupled devices, such as handsets or wearables.



  1.  Indoor air quality
  2.  Home automation and control
  3.  Internet of things
  4.  Weather forecast
  5.  GPS enhancement (e.g. time-to-first-fix improvement, dead reckoning, slope detection)
  6.  Indoor navigation (change of floor detection, elevator detection)
  7.  Outdoor navigation, leisure and sports applications
  8.  Vertical velocity indication (rise/sink speed)
  9.  etc……


Target Devices:


  1.  Handsets such as mobile phones, tablet PCs, GPS devices
  2.  Wearables
  3.  Home weather stations
  4.  Smart watches
  5.  Navigation systems
  6.  Gaming, e.g. flying toys
  7.  IOT devices
  8.  etc…..




  • Digital interface: I⊃2;C (up to 3.4 MHz) and SPI (3 and 4 wire, up to 10 MHz)
  • Supply voltage VDD main supply voltage range: 1.71 V to 3.6 V VDDIO interface voltage range: 1.2 V to 3.6 V
  • Current consumption:   2.1 μA at 1 Hz humidity and temperature
  •                                    3.1 μA at 1 Hz pressure and temperature
  •                                    3.7 μA at 1 Hz humidity, pressure and temperature
  •                                    0.09‒12 mA for p/h/T/gas depending on operation mode
  •                                    0.15 μA in sleep mod
  •  Operating range: -40‒+85 °C, 0‒100% r.H., 300‒1100 hPa
  •  Individual humidity, pressure and gas sensors can be independently enabled/disabled



Parameters For Gas Sensor:


  1.  Response time: (��33−63%) < 1 s (for new sensors)
  2.  Power consumption :< 0.1 mA in ultra-low power mode
  3.  Output data processing: direct indoor air quality (IAQ) index output


Parameters For Humidity Sensor:


  1. Hysteresis :±1.5% r.H.
  2.  Accuracy tolerance: ±3% r.H.
  3.  Response time (��0−63%): ~8 s
  4. Key parameters for pressure sensor
  5.  RMS Noise: 0.12 Pa, equiv. to 1.7 cm
  6.  Offset temperature coefficient: ±1.3 Pa/K, equiv. to ±10.9 cm at 1 °C temperature change

Package Included:



  • 1pc * BME680 Temperature And Humidity Pressure Sensor


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