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AD620 Precision Instrumentation Amplifier Module

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AD620 Precision Instrumentation Amplifier Module

The AD620 is used as the main amplifier to amplify microvolts and millivolts. Magnification 1.5-10000 times, adjustable. High precision, low offset, and better linearity. Adjustable zero to improve accuracy. Can be used for AC, DC model amplification.

High precision, low offset, AC, DC microvolt, millivolt voltage amplifier, can be used for small signal amplification of AC and DC, microvolt, millivolt voltage amplification.

Small Signal Instrumentation Amplifier AD620 Transmitter , High Precision Microvolt/Millivolt Voltage Amplifier.

High Precision Microvolt/Millivolt Voltage Amplifier Small Signal Instrumentation Amplifier AD620 Transmitter.

Product Highlights:

  • 1: Wide input range This product adopts AD620 to amplify and can amplify microvolts and millivolts. Compared with LM358 on the market, it has high amplification precision and good linearity. The maximum voltage output range is ±10V.
  • 2: Magnification The potentiometer is used to amplify the input signal, and the magnification is up to 1000 times. It can be adjusted only by a potentiometer.
  • 3: Adjustable zero point Adjust the zero point by adjusting the potentiometer, improve the accuracy, and there will be no zero drift phenomenon to meet customer needs.
  • 4: There is a negative voltage output module using 7660A negative voltage chip output negative pressure (-Vin), can provide customers to drive other dual power load.
  • 5: Mini size is 32*22mm, four 3mm positioning holes are evenly distributed around the two sides, and the two rows are 2.54mm standard spacing.

Product parameters:

  • 1. Input voltage: 3-12VDC. (Batch can be customized)
  • 2. Magnification: 1.5-1000 times adjustable, zero adjustable
  • 3. Signal input voltage: 100uV–300mV
  • 4. Signal output range: ± (Vin – 2V)
  • 5. Negative pressure output: greater than -Vin. Due to the problem of the internal resistance of the negative voltage chip output, the actual output is greater than -Vin, and the larger the load power, the larger the negative pressure drop.
  • 6. Offset voltage: 50μV.
  • 7. Input bias current: 1.0nA (maximum).
  • 8. Common mode rejection ratio: 100dB
  • 9. Offset voltage drift: 0.6μV/°C (maximum).
  • 10. Stable, time: 2μV/month maximum
  • 11. Module weight: 4g
  • 12. Size: 32*22mm

Packing List:

  • 1pc x AD620 Precision Instrumentation Amplifier Module



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