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10 Channel 12 bits ADC USB Interface

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The 10-channel ADC module uses the internal 10-channel ADC resources of ST’s STM32F103 family of microcontrollers as the sampling core. Having better accuracy and the ADC data can be uploaded to PC.


  • 1, Onboard STM32F103C8T6 master chip;
  • 2, Onboard CH340 serial port to USB port chip, it is convenient to see AD sampling results on your PC;
  • 3, Reserved UART serial communication interface, can be connected to extern MCU;
  • 4, Analog input channels: 10-channel single-ended inputs;
  • 5, Sampling voltage input range: 0-3.3V;
  • 6, Power supply voltage: 5V / 3.3V
  • 7, Resolution: 12 Bit (4096);
  • 8, Infos: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1dFw3tYD


  1. Board size: 50*33mm
  2. IN0-IN9: AD sampling voltage input;
  3. GND: power supply negative / sampling voltage common ground interface;
  4. TX, RX: UART communication interface
  5. 3V3 / 5V: reserved 3.3V / 5V power input port

Testing example: when IN0-IN4 connect to 0V and IN5-IN9 connect to 3.3V, we can see as below:

Package included:

  • 1pcs x USB Interface 10 Channel 12 bits ADC


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