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CR2012 Battery 3V

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CR2012 Battery 3V

Description: CR2012 3V 50mAh Lithium Battery 

MAXELL2012 CR2012 Battery 3V CR2012 Watch Battery CR2012 Button Cell Battery CR2012 Coin Cell Battery CR2012 Lithium Cell Battery 50mAh 3V Battery For Watch

The Maxell/ Any CR2012 3V Lithium Coin Battery. is a powerful battery that provides long-lasting and reliable power. It is perfect for frequent use in car key remotes, medical devices, digital watches, fitness devices, and other electronics.

It has a long shelf life meaning the battery still has lots of percentage of the original capacity, even after 10 years in storage allowing them to be stored for future use.  The reason for this is that they are chemically very stable, due to the combination of lithium and manganese dioxide. Long-term discharge has been tested at all operating temperatures under low-load discharge conditions.

It has a high voltage of 3V and an ultra-compact design. This means that a single lithium battery can replace two, or more traditional batteries. Also, the very small devices can thereby be provided with a powerful source of energy.


  • High and stable voltage(3V)
  • A full line up for use in a wide variety of applications
  • No mercury added
  • High leak protection and hence no oxidation damage in devices, so it can be used in any expensive Gadgets with superior safety
  • Resistance to continuous discharge and hence Very low self-discharge which gives battery incredibly long shelf life.
  • Useful in a wide range of temperatures (-30°C to +60°C)
  • Lithium and Manganese dioxide material
  • Long shelf life for up to 10 years
  • High capacity Long Lasting life


  • Brand: Maxell/ ANY
  • Type: Coin Cell
  • Model:CR2012
  • Chemical System: Li / MnO2
  • Nominal Voltage:3V
  • Rated Capacity:50mAH
  • Average Weight:6.3 g
  • Temperature Range:-30 – +60 °C
  • Diameter:20 mm
  • Height:1.2 mm
  • Rechargeable: None


Timepieces / calculators / cameras / medical instruments / office equipment / backup power for memory ICs and RTC / home electronic instruments / automobiles (keyless entry) / PC boards


  • Please allow slight color deviation between the paper cards and the images shown.
  • Please battery out of reach of children in case they swallow
  • Please batteries in dry and cool place!
  • do not recharge the cells or dispose of them on fire!

Package Include:

  • 1x CR2012 3V 50mAh Lithium Battery Coin Button Cell Motherboard Calculators Clock Watch Batteries CR 2012



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