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250V 10A 140° Celsius NC Temperature Switch

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250V 10A 140° Celsius NC Temperature Switch

Normally Closed: The original state of temperature control switch contact is closed, and open when the temperature sensing exceeds the rated temperature.

Specification :

  1. Product Name : KSD9700 Thermostat
  2. Model: KSD9700
  3. Action Temperature : 140
  4. Action Type: N.C (Normal Close)
  5. Power : 250V 10A
  6. Pin Type : 2 Wires
  7. Wire Length : 70mm/2.76inch
  8. Main Body Material : Metal
  9. Life : 100,000 times
Features : KSD9700 temperature controller has the characteristics of small size, quick action, accurate temperature control, large current control and long service life.
Working Principle : KSD9700 uses square bimetal sheet as temperature sensor. When the temperature rises to the action temperature, the square sheet jumps suddenly, the transmission contacts act quickly, and the circuit is disconnected. When the temperature drops to the action temperature, the bimetal sheet is reset and the contacts are to their original state, so as to achieve the purpose of on-off circuit.
Application :
Be applicable to all kinds of home appliances and electronics products. Such as Electric Motors, Fluorescent Ballasts, Battery Chargers, Transformers, Solenoids, Heating pads, OA-Machines.
Packing List:
1Pc * 250V 10A 140° Celsius NC Temperature Switch


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